Puck And Roll


Launched in 2021, Puck and Roll is an independently run Podcast which thrives in entertaining and informing you in the best way possible regarding all things Montreal Canadiens and its affiliates. We thank you for your continuous support as we aim to keep growing and bringing you quality content.

About the Hosts

Patrick Lortie


The brain behind the operation. Patrick is the former Site Expert/Editor of A Winning Habit and moonlights as a Montreal Canadiens insider. With Puck And Roll, he is the Co-Host of the show along with Sebastian High.

Scott Cowan

Panelist/Graphic Designer

Scott is a multi-talented artist and hockey buff with a flair for the obscure player reference. He is also the artist behind all of Puck And Roll's graphics.

Sebastian High


Your smooth talking co-host! Sebastian's knowledge of junior hockey is second to none. A true rising star in the field of prospect evaluation. He shares the hosting duties of Puck And Roll with Patrick Lortie.

Joshua Rosa


The brilliant mind behind "On This Day In Habs History", Josh's historical fun facts in and out of his dedicated segment are always a delight to hear. A true hidden gem in the hockey media world.

Aaron Itovitch

Panelist/Social Media Manager

Aaron is not only an extremely knowledgeable hockey mind who appears regularly on the Puck And Roll panel, he is also the man that brings you all the content you see on social media.