Puck And Roll

Puck And Roll - Episode 29


Finishing Season 1 with an odd number at 29, Sebastian High concludes the season hosting Scott Cowan, Joshua Rosa and Aaron Itovich. The crew discuss the NHL Draft, the Jeff Petry trade and more! Stay tuned for Season 2!

Musical Credit:

Intro: "You Really Got Me" - Van Halen (1978 - Warner Records)
On This Day In Habs History - "Sting" (1997 - Turner Studios)
Outro: "This Boy" - Franz Ferdinand (2005 - Domino Recording Company)

Hosted By: Sebastian High
Guests: Scott Cowan, Joshua Rosa, Aaron Itovitch
Produced By: Sebastian High & Patrick Lortie
Editing: Aaron Itovitch
Post-Production: Patrick Lortie

All comments made by the host and guests are their own and do not reflect any entity involved and/or discussed. All music used are credited to their respectful source.

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